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Glyder Dog Story: Whiskey

19 Mar 2024


As we continue to GlydeIN TO 2024, we are excited to feature our Glyder community with a wonderful dog story.

We appreciate everyone that participated in our Glyder Dog Survey and would love to hear your suggestions of what we can do next time. At Glyder, we truly love our dog best friends. They truly make an impact on our lives in so many different ways.

Stay tuned for what else we have in store. 
Meet Our Dog Winner, Whiskey:
dog winner   

What is your dog's name, age, and breed? (if known)

Whiskey, 6 Years old, Blue Heeler


Tell us how you met your furry companion & why you decided to make them a member of your family.

We decided to foster whiskey through a rescue. She had been hit by a car on the freeway and had a shattered pelvis. We had been told they recommended euthanasia by two vets. We decided to take her to a specialist and they said to do crate rest to see what happens since she wasn't a candidate for surgery because it had been 10 days since her injury. We crate rested her for 2 months and she has now made a complete recovery. She plays fetch for 726 hours a day. 


What are some unique qualities you dog has?

She is a great family dog. Perfect with our kids


Lastly, how has pet ownership positively impacted your life?

Whiskey has helped me through many life struggles. She's always there for a cuddle no matter what.