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Interview with #GlyderGirl @Gypsea_Angel

15 Nov 2017
Interview with #GlyderGirl @Gypsea_Angel



Angel, you live in Hawaii, one of the most beautiful places this world has to offer. What is it like calling Oahu home?
I grew up a military brat, moving to a different place every few years. I never felt like I had a “home” until I moved to Hawaii. But I quickly fell in love with the mountains, the ocean, & feeling of “aloha” on this island. The best part about living on Oahu is the amount of adventures you can go on. You can drive 30 minutes in any direction and find a trail to explore!

Tell us about your journey into active living. Have you always been into adventure?
I actually never even hiked before I moved to Hawaii! My husband got deployed for seven months shortly after I moved to Hawaii. I had no job and no friends... but a brand new puppy to keep me company so we began to explore:) I read a variety of Hawaii hiking blogs and began creating a “bucket list” of hikes & places to explore. And so the addiction began...

Describe a typical morning for you when you’re headed out on an adventure:

A typical morning before I adventure usually starts by checking my weather app. Island weather can be pretty fickle! So you have to be ready to adjust plans. If it’s raining than we might change our plans from a ridge hike to waterfall hunting, etc! Next I pack my bag. I always always alway pack extra snacks and clothes because usually one adventure leads to another!

What has adventure taught you about yourself?
Adventure has taught be to be more independent. Before I discovered my hiking obsession I would have never dared even going to the movies alone! But it’s something about hiking that pushes you not only physically but mentally as well. You never know your limits until you push them!

Are there any hikes on your bucket list you haven’t done yet?
Oh my gosh there’s plenty! Number one on my list is machu pichu!

At Glyder, we believe there are no limits to what you can do. Do you have any advice for other women about how to live limitlessly?
I believe living limitlessly is mostly mental. It can be very easy to stand in your own way. For example- when my alarms goes off for a sunrise hike my mind immediately runs through a list of excuses, “I didn’t get enough sleep”, “maybe I’m starting to get sick”, “it’s probably bad weather” ... my first thoughts are to grasp at any excuse to do the easy thing, go back to sleep! But the limitless possibilities of discovering something new or seeing something beautiful should motivate you to push past those negative thoughts or habits!





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